About Us

Our Manifesto

WATER… Water Heals and purifies. It quenches our bodies and revives our spirit. We subscribe to the truth that WATER is divine and moves through us all. It is for this reason Sacred Waters Retreat holds space near Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls & Oceans. We invoke the power of WATER to bring women together through emotion, ritual, and connection to the divine feminine. We are moved to provide compassionate, healing spaces where women can feel safe and nurtured. We offer sanctuary in nature and encourage fun and exploration as we unite joyfully with our ancestry through sacred ritual. Some paths are best walked alone, and some are walked in profound harmony with others. We want to celebrate your journey to reclaim the SACRED that lies within you.  Be moved!

The Retreat

Sacred Waters Retreat LLC. is a professional organization designed to hold space for women of color in safe places for ritual, healing & restoration? Sacred Waters Retreats LLC. allows participants to share and explore the ancient healing traditions of our foremothers as we remember, resurrect & honor their legacies. Our communities require that age old traditions be retained & practiced keeping our families healthy and balanced.

We currently hold two retreats per year, one at a International Destination and our Domestic event "Honoring Our Ancestors" held in the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee



Angelique "Sobande" Greer 




Born & raised in Louisville Kentucky she was  given a glimpse at a early age into the lost art of traditional African Herbalism by her great grandmother.  She is Desert Storm Army Veteran who obediently returned to the ways of her foremothers after serving the military. She is a Master Herbalist  with more than 25 yrs in the field, earning a degree as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Natural Health Professional.  Sobande is a world renown Teacher, Author & Consultant  earning certifications through the Professional Training Program from the International Board of African Thinkers & Healers Inc. & the Trinity School of Natural Health. She holds undergraduate degrees in Communications, Public Relations Health & Nutrition and is currently completing her Doctor of Naturopathy.

Sobande is the founder of Natural Choices Botanica of Traditional Healing, the NCB School of Herbalism & Holistic Health and Sacred Waters Retreats LLC.  Since it's inception in 1992, she has diligently provided alternative healing modalities to those wishing to achieve healthier lifestyle regiments mind, body & spirit.  Over the years Natural Choices has earned a spot in the Who’s Who in Small Business” & “Who’s Who in Alternative HealthCare”.  Her school is currently the only distance learning school in the United States dedicated to teaching the healing contributions of Africans in the Americas from slavery to modern times & other indigenous people around the world.  Over the years, Natural Choices Botanica has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, Urban Network Magazine & the National Coffee & Tea Trade Journal to name a few. 

Sobande shares her amazing life and times with her extraordinary husband, three daughters and two grandsons. She is active in the community lending her time and talents to the people and places she is most passionate about.  Her practice combines cutting- edge holistic therapies for all lifestyles. She released her first inspirational book in 2010 & is slated to debut her second book co-authored by the world renown author Luisah Teish by summer 2019.


Shana Nunnelly


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Shana Nunnelly is a holistic practitioner with more than 20 years of experience. With exposure to Tao practices in her teens she developed her mindfulness practice through sacred ritual, group therapy & the daily practice of working in ancient African spiritual traditions. Shana is the founder of HoneeComb Holistic & Natural Hair Salon in Atlanta, GA. HoneeComb would grow to become a healing hub for the women she was servicing daily mind, body & spirit.

Granted the opportunity to have a friend sit in her salon chair at HoneeComb, the two shared their lives and exchanged juicy tidbits of wisdom about creating a more divine life. From that conversation Sacred Waters Retreats was born. As co-creator of Sacred Waters, Shana can create loving safe spaces for women to reconnect with their divine selves. Participants journeying with Sacred Waters can experience a myriad of opportunities like sacred sweat lodge ceremonies, holistic food preparation, ancient drum circles, herbal plant medicine making, kundilini yoga, trauma healing, intentional alignment, manifestation meditations and so much more. Shana believes that many women are suffering from depression, anxiety and lack of self-worth due to a disconnection from their own inner being. It is her personal mission to help alleviate that suffering thru simple and complex modes of daily ritual, mediation and self-reflection.