Costa Rica

Annual International Retreat

Puerto Viejo-Limon
March 17-25 2019

Our Promise to You

Costa Rica Will be Your Safe Space






Puerto Viejo, Limon-Costa Rica

Hidden Garden is located in the majestic rainforest behind the Caribbean beach town of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. It is home to a unique collection of plants that represent the ethnobotany of the area and a research library to promote the academic documentation of local wellness traditions.

Hidden Garden offers wellness services such as health counseling, therapeutic bodywork and botanical therapies, as well as educational activities such as Yoga, Medicine Garden Tour and Traditional Latino Medicine courses. The Hidden Garden provides individualized attention in a tranquil environment for you to make the best out of your transformational vacation.

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Ya Gotta Eat!

All inclusive meals

There are 13 meals included with your package. They are freshly prepared using local ingredients and lots of love. Meals will include something for everyone to include vegetarian consumers. You are encouraged to venture into town to check out the local food and help support the business in the area.

Caribbean Cooking Class

What could be sweeter than being able to pick, prepare and eat fresh foods right from the rainforest? One of our evening meals will find us gathered in the warm breeze as we learn, laugh and share some new kitchen magic to take back to our families.


Mexican Sweat Lodge Ceremony

One evening will be devoted to the Mexican Temascal, this ancient ritual purifies the body, mind and spirit through a combination of prayer, tradition and steam, created by throwing water on hot rocks. The activity strictly follows the traditions of the Mexican people and includes building the sweat lodge structure together. Participants are free to exit the sweat lodge and sit by the fire…

Womens Moon Medicine

This class is where we will explore ancient women’s wisdom traditions from across the globe through movement, herbalism, self care, body consciousness & energy work.

Lakota Pipe Ceremony

Our guide will lead us into this sacred ritual for connecting physical and spiritual worlds. "The pipe is a link between the earth and the sky, Nothing is more sacred. The pipe is our prayers in physical form. This ceremony is lead in a shamanic way with drumming and deep meditation.


Medicine Garden Tour

Hidden Garden is home to over one hundred organically grown plants, which have been used for survival by the ancestors of this land for centuries. Tour the garden with a qualified herbalist and discover the amazing plants used locally for food, as medicine, as spiritual tools, for construction and in daily living.


How dare we come all the way to Costa Rica and honor ourselves with some much needed mind, bodywork.  Our 3 days of yoga will be a combination of breathing, movement, visualization and pelvic floor exercises to increase the health and vitality. The gentle rhythm gives you an opportunity to correct your position, increase your body consciousness and avoid injury. Perfect for first-timers, golden-agers and anyone else whose primary goal is to protect their bodies.


Flight Is NOT included in your retreat package.

HOWEVER there will be a discounted flight rate for those who would like to travel to Costa Rica as a group of 10 or more.

There will be a free scheduled bus shuttle from the Airport to Hidden Gardens.

Flight arrangements should be made accordingly if you would like the free shuttle. If this is not possible you will have to provide transportation for yourself to Hidden Gardens Wellness Center

A participant group call is scheduled for all participants to answer any questions and to give full details

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Costa Rica

March 17-25th 2019


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Sacred Waters Orange

WATER… Water Heals and purifies.

It quenches our bodies and revives our spirit. We subscribe to the truth that WATER is divine and moves through us all. It is for this reason Sacred Waters Retreat holds space near Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls & Oceans. We invoke the power of WATER to bring women together through emotion, ritual, and connection to the divine feminine.