Sacred Waters Retreat

Sacred Waters Retreat, LLC. holds space near Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls and Oceans.


Help us to empower women to become proactive participants in their lives.

Our Manifesto

WATER heals and purifies. It quenches our bodies and revives our spirit. We subscribe to the truth that Water is divine and moves through us all.
It is for this reason Sacred Waters Retreat holds space near Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls and Oceans. 
We Invoke the power of water to bring women together through emotion, ritual and connection to the divine feminine.
We are moved to provide compassionate, and healing space where women can feel safe and nurtured.
We offer sanctuary in nature, and encourage fun and exploration as we unite joyfully with our ancestry through sacred ritual.  Some paths are best walked alone and some are walked in profound harmony with others. 
We want to celebrate your journey to reclaim the SACRED that lies within you.

Join us and BE MOVED!

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