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A Descendant of Enslaved Africans in the United States, Sobande was trained in the sacred art of herbalism by her great grandmother. She is a Afro Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, Educator, Consultant, Author, Founder & Creative powerhouse behind the NCB School of Herbalism & Holistic Health offering a 2 year learning program (www.naturalchoicesbotanica.com), Sacred Waters Herbal Retreat for Women of Color (www.sacredwatersretreat.com) and the United States first Afro Botany Immersion Conference (http://hiddengarden.co/afro-botany-conference/). Sobande resides near Nashville TN with her King of 25 yrs, three daughters, 4 precious grandluvs and their fat family dog Lullie Bell.



Shana Nunnelly is a holistic practitioner with more than 20 years of experience. With exposure to Tao practices in her teens she developed her mindfullness practice through sacred ritual, group therapy & the daily practice of working in ancient African spiritual traditions.

Shana is the founder of HoneeComb Holistic & Natural Hair Salon in Atlanta, GA. HoneeComb would grow to become a healing hub for the women she was servicing daily mind, body & spirit.


Sacred Waters Retreat, L.L.C is a professional organization designed to hold space for women of color in safe places for ritual, healing & restoration!

Sacred Waters Retreats, L.L.C allows participants to share and explore the ancient healing traditions of our fore-mothers as we remember, resurrect & honor their legacies. Our communities require that age old traditions be retained & practiced keeping our families healthy and balanced. Women are WATER, they are SOURCE, they are LIFE!

We currently hold two retreats per year, one at a international destination and our domestic event "Honoring Our Ancestors" held in the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee.

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Honoring Our Ancestors - Sacred Waters Retreat 2019. $75 deposit will hold your space!
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