"The Love Experience"

SAVE THE DATE: September 14 - 17, 2023


  • Baba Akinrinola & Iya Sobande Greer
  • Baba Ifádáhùnsi Tommy & Iya Stacey Ifáfọláwẹ̀ Fluker

Building better LOVE bonds...One SACRED step at a time!

Meet Your Hosts

Baba akinrinola & Iya sobande greer

Iya Angelique “Sobande” Greer is a Tennessee-based Master Herbalist, Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Strategist & Desert Storm Veteran of the United States Army. She founded the first African American School of Herbalism in the United States in 1992 – The NCB School of Herbalism & Holistic Health. Additionally, she is the Visionary Powerhouse behind:

  • Sacred Waters Retreats LLC. (Herbal healing retreat for women of color)
  • The Afro Botany Immersion Conference held in beautiful Costa Rica
  • Cook, Cure & Conjure online Wellness Series featuring Yeye Lusiah Teish & Flora Domenis

Iya Sobande currently teaches and assists clients at her private practice near Nashville Tennessee. She has dedicated her life in deep commitment honoring the plant path, family, ancestors, and the community.

Baba Akinrinola is a trained Lakota Sweat Lodge leader (water pourer & fire keeper) of 20 years, initiated priest of Ifa with the Institute of Whole Life Healing, a web administrator, a labyrinth engineer and Desert Storm veteran.  He is co-owner of NCB.  
He enjoys chess, dancing, water sports, traveling, golf and serving his community.  He’s spent his life as a seeker of knowledge & truth;  encouraging and uplifting others to do the same through retreats, knowledge sessions and rites of passage programs. 

The Greer’s have been granted a beautiful experience of nurturing three grown daughters & five amazing grandchildren. As Elders their work is currently centered around:

  • Spending quality time in sunny beach locations around the world indulging in great coffee, sipping local teas & toasting with great rum.
  • Building, studying, and expanding their relationship with people, plants, and the earth.
  • Curating & Facilitating Sacred Spaces for Healing
  • Teaching and Training Small Groups & Collectives
  • Performing Sacred Rites and Ceremonies for Individuals & Groups
Bàbá Tommy Ifádáhùnsi and Ìyá Stacey Ifáfọláwẹ̀ Fluker

Stacey Ifáfọláwẹ̀ Fluker is a lover of nature and ALL of HER GIFTS! Ìyá
Ifáfọláwẹ̀ is a dedicated practitioner of the holistic arts. She has been a
licensed massage practitioner for over 12 years, a doula for ten years, and a full-time student of herbal healing remedies. One of her aspirations is to walk in the shoes of those GRAND MIDWIVES that came before her and become a traditional midwife. In her free time, you may find Stacey roller skating, gardening, or preparing for some outdoor adventure!

Tommy Ifádáhùnsi Fluker is a Sound Artist and lifelong student of music,
the arts, nature, and spirituality. A DJ, Composer, and Wellness Artist, his work has been shared stateside and abroad in diverse spaces such as museums and permanent gallery installations and exhibits, theater, film, radio, podcasts, and many dancefloors to name a few. As a Crystal Singing Bowl Keeper of 11+ years, he has collaborated with yoga and wellness practitioners, opening and closing sacred ceremonies of all types. His favorite pastimes are traveling, cooking, hiking, and checking off his list of national and state parks to visit.

Bàbá Tommy Ifádáhùnsi and Ìyá Stacey Ifáfọláwẹ̀ Fluker are the owners of Raising our Roots Homestead and Healing Exchange AL (Alabama).
Together they have three amazing children and began this life together 20 years ago, dreaming of living in nature and being stewards of the land they live on. Both Ifádáhùnsi and Ifáfọláwẹ̀ are Thai Yoga Practitioners and are re-opening their retreat space for the first time in 3 years due to COVID.


Join us in Locust Fork, Alabama on Sacred Black Owned Land where 20 special Black & Brown Couples will gather to celebrate each other in one of the most transformative weekends of their lives. Registration will include: 

  • Beautiful 5 Star Yurt Style Glamping for two in nature, with clean outdoor showers and bathroom facilities.
  • Sensual lunch & dinner meals catered by a private professional chef with light breakfast meals made accessible in the community kitchen.


Sacred Sunrise Kemetic Yoga

We will elevate our mind, body, and spirit through the breath through the sacred art of Kemetic Yoga.

Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony

We will adventure into the womb of our great mother to purify, heal, inspire & elevate!!

Sound Bowl Therapy

Using the healing power of sound to open chakras & quiet the soul!

Dark Room Therapy Workshop

Reset, Heal & Elevate!

Akashic Records Workshop

Dr. Latoya Davis will help us dive into accessing & understanding our Akashic Records as individuals & couples.

Sacred Tantric Workshops

Get ready to learn the power of weaving spirituality & sexuality together in your intimate practice with your partner.

Sacred Yoni & Lingam Steams

Step in the power of cleansing & purification as we heal our reproductive organs using herbal infused steams and medicinal drinks.

& Professional Photo Shoot


Welcome to the first part of what will be an amazing event intentionally designed for you and your partner. Please complete this preliminary questionnaire with your partner. These will be evaluated by our team to ensure you and your partner are a good fit for this event. We will send out emails regarding the next steps towards registration March 31, 2023.
If you have any questions, please email our office: or Contact us at (615) 699-4351

EARLY BIRD: $2250.00 /couple |  March 31st -April 25th, 2023
REGULAR PRICE: $2500/couple